Solutions - Green

By going Green you will save green.

CTS Hosting has many energy efficient solutions that will save you Power, Space, Cooling costs and more. One of our professionals will come in for a consultation to review your current technology and use of office space and data center.

Our recommendations will provide you with simple and effective ways to advance your technology while reducing your carbon footprint.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Replacing your CRT Displays
  • Replacing older printers with new energy and toner efficient printers
  • Offer Cloud Solutions
  • Offer new computer solutions with that use 24 watts of power.
  • Provide recycling and trade in options for your old technology

  • By promoting Green standards the environment will benefit and you will cut costs for your business.

    Call us 212-682-1780 or email us to discuss what options are available for your business.