Support - Help Desk

Labor being your largest expense, it is important to assist your staff as quickly as possible. Whether it is a technical issue or a training issue, your productivity will diminish without the services of CTS Hosting Helpdesk.

For a Small monthly fee we become your Helpdesk. CTS Hosting professionals are available 24/7 for customized client support with desktop issues. We provide these services at a lower cost than building and staffing an internal Helpdesk.

Our technicians are well versed in over hundreds of applications and are eager to tailor their skills to your needs. By offering quality service at such low costs, we are able to save our clients' time and money.

For enterprise clients we can customize the helpdesk solution by supporting your internal custom applications by dedicating our helpdesk team to your staff. We have the capability providing each of your users with a direct extension that will dial to the CTS Helpdesk.

All of the support provided will be documented and optionally voice recorded for quality assurance. Our helpdesk team has the training to determine if there is an issue within the infrastructure or application. By doing so and resolving the underlying issue we are able to reduce helpdesk calls and make your staff more productive.