the CTS advantage - History

Established in 1977, CTS has over 35 years of experience in the IT industry - making us a technology advisor that you can rely on. We are always providing the latest technological developments in a constantly changing environment. When we began, the world of computing was also just beginning. The Internet and computers along with software, was not as we know it today. As one of the larger resellers of PC computers and software in the New York area we understand the process to provide proper technology at right price.

We have always provided the correct solution for the needs of our clients. This includes installing, support and training when necessary. We worked with our clients by offering support in most all aspects of computing.

As Technology now shifts to hosted/cloud solutions, we've moved forward again. CTS Hosting currently provides over a dozen cloud services. This provides your organization a budgeted approach to technology. We have the proper Solutions to maximize your business's success while taking care of your business's unique needs.

Please contact us so we can discuss solutions to lower the cost of IT.