HOSTING - Host Applications

In the past, organizations purchased a server for a specific department; Accounting, HR, Payroll, etc.

These departments may only have a hand full of staff but are burdened with the expense of a server.

Often the reason for these servers was to isolate the specific application from most general users.

Most software publishers prefer or even demand this separation.

CTS Hosting using Hosted Applications can lower expenses by providing a fast and safe environment to allow applications to run without the need of servers or the expenses related to servers. While allowing access by those users that are in need of the application.

Your software is on our servers. The hardware and software are solely our responsibility.

You can focus on your business and we will focus on the technology.

Hosted apps eliminate your need to purchase hardware, reduce labor and control software licensing.

We will provide your company with the applications you need at a low monthly rate.