the CTS advantage - Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is best in breed.

We start off with an Intel Hybrid Blade Server. This state of the art server supports 14 Internal SAS Drives and 96 external SAS hard Drives all in a secured raid set. Multiple Raid Controllers communicate from the drives to the servers eliminated any chance of hard drive array failure from a single controller.

The multiple servers communicate to the storage using 2 - 6GB SAS connectors allowing for continued use even with a Raid Controller failure. The Servers also communicate to the built in dual network switches which connect to the chassis at 10GB per switch. Failure is not an option as if one switch were to fail the servers will still communicate using a single switch.

Processing on each blade is supported with 8 Cores of Intel processing and can be upgraded to 12 cores when needed. This server uses high speed PC3 Ram Memory which provides up to 6.4Gb of data transfer. We can install up to 1152 GB of ram per blade chassis providing your remote experience to be faster then at your office.

Our Servers are installed with Microsoft Windows Server operating System allowing for the world's most sold OS to be stable, well supported and secured. We use a Microsoft feature named CSV of Clustering to host your servers. This technology allows for complete failover to other servers in the cluster. In fact we can loose multiple servers and still provide you an uninterrupted remote session.

In terms of power the server has N+1 Technology which allow for a power supply failure without any downtime. Our world class datacenter is fully Certified and includes the following technological advances to reduce if not eliminate downtime.

The entire data center has dual power feeds, PDU's, transfer switches, UPS, and generators. We also have our own power substation on site that provides over 10.15MVA of power. Our 12,000 Gallon Fuel Reserve allows us to run for approximately 3 days before needing to refuel our generators. Additionally, we have contracts with 3 different local fuel companies to ensure an ongoing supply if needed.

To insure servers are running at peak performance we have a 200 Ton Air Conditioning system that is hardwired to both the UPS and Generators to insure cooling is provided during any power issues.

In terms of data we run Category 6 cabling within our data center. This provides true Gigabit data transfers from our multiple core routers to our multiple server switches. This connects to multiple Tier-1 providers and direct internet connections, it gives us the ability to bypass slower ISP's and shorten the path between our IT-Infrastructure and your office. With our topology designed in this particular manner we provide lower latency, unmatched speeds, and top-notch reliability that you will not find anywhere else.

Our tier 1 providers include:

CTS Hosting provides a World Class Data Center, please contact us today to discuss how we can assist you on lowering your IT Costs.