Support - Installation / Setup

If your business is relocating or expanding, it is critical to establish a proper work environment so that your company can run smoothly and effectively. At CTS Hosting, we manage this overwhelming task by utilizing our technicians who have experience installing anything you need.

We offer expert installation for computers, network systems, servers, and much more. This solution prevents your staff from being bogged down with complicated, technical work.

Our on-going support will ensure that your new office will always run smoothly.

We provide:

  • Installation of any Hardware you have (Computers / Servers / Printers /
  • Support of every environment
  • Problem-solving and resolution
  • Multiple platforms – Windows / Novell / Linux
  • LAN/WAN – Router/Firewall configurations
  • SAN/DAN – Any storage issues / installation / configurations you may
  • VPN/Remote Access
  • Security & Infrastructure
  • Cabling
  • Phone systems
  • Windows rollouts