Support - Monitoring

We offer solutions to reduce downtime. With CTS Hosting Monitoring Solution, we can determine an issue and begin the resolution process without downtime.

Our Monitoring Solution allows for windows and software updates to be scheduled as not to disrupt your staff. We also have the ability to recall an update if needed.

Our Monitoring Solution provides full inventory of Hardware and Software, along with detailed reports of computer usage and abuse, including a webpage review.

CTS Hosting allows companies with IT Departments to self-monitor or allow us to monitor after hours/ weekends/ holidays.

For Companies without IT Departments, you can take comfort in our experienced team of IT Professionals who are available 24/7 to tend to any and all of your technical needs.

CTS Hosting's Monitoring Solution offers superb PROACTIVE Server and PC monitoring, which safeguards your computer, server, printer, and any network device - lowering your downtime and decreasing your IT Costs.