Support - Remote Backup

Is your onsite recovery system or tape-based backup sufficient enough to recover your company's most valuable asset?

The most critical thing to remember about a backup solution is the ability to recover the data when you need it.

By failing to backup or using unreliable backup systems, your company could lose irreplaceable data forever. CTS Hosting's Remote Backup solutions safeguards your data from any unforeseen occurrences and recovers your information when necessary.

CTS Hosting provides onsite and offsite Remote Backup, continuously backs up your company's information to our World Class Data Center. Our Backup Solution is designed for every size business and prices start as low as $0.25 Cents per GB. Additionally, CTS Hosting's Remote Backup supports every type of computer O/S: Windows, MAC and Linux. Lastly, unlike our competitors, we offer exclusive solutions that support proper backups of Databases, Email Servers and Open Files.

Our Restoration process is fast, simple and free. Once you select the file and day of the week, your file is instantaneously restored. We also offer the elite capability to restore a single email message, rather than an entire email database. With our world-class facilities and knowledgeable staff, your files are safe.