Hosting - Server Co Location

Server Colocation allows you to house your server in our World Class Data Center. You own all of the hardware and we provide you with an IP, internet bandwidth, and power for your server.

Alternatively, we provide you with an option of renting/leasing a server from us.

We also offer 24/7 monitoring, and a full support team available on call 24/7.

Advantaged of Server Co-Location:

  • Our Worlds Class Data Center provides better outage protection. As
      the world suffers from extreme weather, we are confident that weather
      conditions will have no affect on our data center.
  • You own your own Hardware and Software. You can choose to
      upgrade your Hardware and Software anytime you want.
  • If your company decides to move, your server will continue to be up
      and running throughout the transition. There will be no downtime.
  • CTS Hosting provides you with a secure location for your server.
  • Additionally, you can reduce costs of an IT team. CTS Hosting has a
       staff of trained technicians that can manage and maintain your

  • Server Co-Location eliminates power, cooling and reduces internet costs.